Kanye West’s Old Childhood Photos Surface Online


For most people, childhood photos tend to be awkward and embarrassing for them. Not for Kanye West. Even as a youngster, he was stunting on people. Recently, some old childhood pictures of a nine-year-old West surfaced online showing him riding the Metro in Washington, D.C.

The 37-year-old rapper’s stepmother, Brenda Bentley, shared the family photos with U.K.’s Daily Mail. And they are adorable.

Although West was very close to his late mother, Dr. Donda West, he would occasionally spend time with his dad, Ray West, who divorced his mother when he was three.

In the photos below, you see a mild-mannered West sitting in his seat with his sunglasses on top of his head (pre-shudder shades). He’s also wearing a white T-shirt and grey acid-washed jeans. Even back then he was stylish.

“We were on the Metro because we were going to a parade downtown,” recalls Bentley. “He was with his father, so he knew he had to behave. Ray wasn’t too strict as a dad, and it was summer – so that was playtime.”

Bentley, who lives in Virginia, also revealed that even at a young age, ‘Ye was very interested in the arts. “Kanye loved museums and art galleries, they’d check out special showings and gallery viewings, film festivals, some very highbrow stuff,” she said. “His father helped him to develop sophisticated tastes and become culturally rich.”

These pictures revealed a lot about Mr. West. Although we can’t help but wondered what he’s thinking about on that train ride? Maybe how he’s going to be one of the most polarizing figures in hip-hop? Nah.

Tell us what do you think Kanye West is thinking about on that train ride? Write it in the comments below.

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