Kacy Hill’s debut album is executive produced by Kanye West

Many of you may not know who Kacy Hill is, but you will soon enough if you’re a Kanye West fan. He will executive produce her debut album.

Kacy Hill was G.O.O.D. Music’s newest artist when she signed to the label in 2015 and recently announced that her debut album Like a Woman was executive produced by Kanye West. Once again, Yeezy comes through with the waves.

The album currently has a release date of June 30th and Kacy Hill has already released two singles off it. In a press release, she touched base on what Like a Woman was centered around. She said that it is “an exploration of my own femininity and sexuality.”

Hill added:

“I want my audience to have a similar experience of their own while listening. My goal is not to make a statement, but make space for exploration without shame or guilt.”

The two singles she has released are titled “Like a Woman” and “Hard to Love.” Let’s take a quick listen and remember, these were executive produced by Kanye West!

“Like a Woman” displays Hill’s beautiful, soft voice over a piano and a nice little Kanye-ish sound added in. Very simple arrangement, but beautifully done and turned out very soothing. It was also noted that DJ Mustard, Terrace Martin and DJDS were credited with production on this track.

“Hard to Love” is a bit more up-beat than “Like a Woman,” but still the soft voice of Kacy Hill. The song picks up just before the one-minute mark and then slows back down around 1:20. Another nice piece and gives good insight into what the debut album will sound like.

Like a Woman will be a full-length debut album and has been long awaited since she broke onto the scene in 2015. The talk began when she released her Bloo EP and got a lot of recognition for one track in particular — “Arm’s Length.”

The entire 2015 EP can be found below.

Mark your calendars for June 30th, the release date for Like a Woman. She also did a very cool interview with Highsnobiety.com several months ago where she talked about her guilty TV pleasure (Teen Mom), favorite musician (Sheryl Crow, The Cure, Moby), favorite fashion brand (Gucci) and her style icon (Cher).

You can view that full interview here.

Have you ever heard of Kacy Hill? If so, what’s your favorite song? Let us know in the comments section below!